Download e-book for iPad: An introduction to structured population dynamics by J M Cushing; Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences

By J M Cushing; Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences

ISBN-10: 0898714176

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Most women, however, have AFP testing performed as part of the triple screen. 5 MoM or higher. The first MSAFP screen specimen is drawn at 15–18 weeks' gestation after informed consent and counseling. A second MSAFP screen specimen is drawn only from patients with a slightly high initial test result. 0 MoM. f. The normal range of AFP values is established by each reference laboratory. Laboratories should provide interpretations of results and risk assessments that take into account race, maternal weight, multiple pregnancy, and the presence of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

7. Immune globulin or vaccination against poliomyelitis, yellow fever, typhoid, or hepatitis may be indicated for travelers to areas where these diseases are endemic or epidemic. 8. Influenza and pneumococcal vaccines are recommended for women with special conditions that put them at high risk of infection. Women in their second or third trimester should be given influenza vaccine during influenza season. This is especially true for women who work at chronic care facilities that house patients with chronic medical conditions or who themselves have cardiopulmonary disorders, including asthma, are immunosuppressed, or have diabetes mellitus.

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An introduction to structured population dynamics by J M Cushing; Conference Board of the Mathematical Sciences

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