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But His reward is so special that any person committed to God would hunger to receive it. This special reward is found in Matthew 25:15-23 which deals with the servant and the talents. One servant had five talents, another had two talents, and another had one talent entrusted to his care. When the master left, the servant with five talents increased them to ten. He doubled what he had and was a good steward before the Lord. The one with two talents used them properly and returned four to his Lord.

They have learned that they literally cannot give too much away when they give in the name of the Lord. Each time they give an offering, and are in the will of God, He uses it for His purposes, and returns it multiplied to them to give again in greater abundance for His purposes. The cycle continues to grow, because we cannot outgive God, no matter how we try. During these times of economic chaos and unpredictable money markets, these "spiritual bankers" have found the secret to God's abundance, and they now bank on God, bank on His promises, and look to no other earthly bank for their source.

Abraham tithed for all of his posterity: for his natural seed, for his seed that lived before the Law and during the Law, and for his seed that now lives in the dispensation of grace. Tithing reached across the lines of the pre-law period and the patriarchal period. Then it extended into the Levitical era and it went on into the era of grace in which we live today. Jesus approved of tithing. In Matthew 23:23, referring to the Pharisees who had tithed in mint, cummin, and anise, Jesus made the statement, These ought ye to have done [judgment, mercy, faith] and not to leave the other undone (speaking of the tithe).

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