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Questions 2-4 1 Since an individual's environment, the nuclear family as well as larger social groups, has potential influence on language acquisition, we inquired about the family and neighborhood in which the interviewee grew up. Page 13 A total of 79% had a monolingual family background. Only 21% were brought up in bi- or multilingual families. For 76% of the subjects the languages spoken in the family were either totally identical with those spoken in the neighborhood or, if other languages were spoken, the interviewees had only very limited contact with their speakers.

Question II Language teaching theorists and practitioners frequently discuss which language learning setting is more effective, the classroom or the L2 environment. Opinions vary.

In the second, more directed part of the interview the interviewee was asked to put himself into a hypothetical language learning situation, in the hope that his response would be determined by a combination of previous experiences and insights and present views and intuitions about language learning. The two parts overlapped to a certain extent, since some interviewees in reflecting on their language learning experiences (Part I) offered information which was specifically asked for in Part II.

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