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This convenient advisor to The Odyssey introduces scholars to a textual content which has been basic to literature for almost 3,000 years. supplying a precis of the poem and studying its constitution, Jasper Griffin truly outlines the cohesion, values and strategies of the poem, in addition to the explanations for its longstanding allure. scholars will observe the basic issues of loyalty and betrayal, and may be guided throughout the narrative of Odysseus' adventures, as well as a worthwhile advisor to extra interpreting. First variation Hb (1987): 0-521-32804-7 First version Pb (1987): 0-521-31043-1

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Book 7 Odysseus implores the help of Alcinous and his queen, Arete. He tells them a short version of his story but conceals his identity. He evades Alcinous’ hint that he might marry Nausicaa. Book 8 Odysseus is entertained by the Phaeacians. The blind singer Demodocus sings of the Trojan War and Odysseus’ role in it: the hero weeps. The young men show their skill at athletics. Odysseus is reluctant to join in, but when rudely challenged shows his prowess. 36 THE ODYSSEY Demodocus sings the tale of the amours of Ares and Aphrodite, and again of Troy.

Menelaus tells the long story of his adventure off the coast of Egypt: the Old Man of the Sea told him that Odysseus was detained by Calypso on a distant island. The Suitors learn with chagrin of Telemachus’ departure, and plan to ambush and kill him at sea on his way back. Penelope also learns of it and is distressed. Book 5 The gods on Olympus again. Hermes the messenger is sent to tell Calypso to let Odysseus go. She expresses bitterness but obeys: after offering him immortality with her, an offer which is tactfully declined, she gives him tools and wood and he builds a boat.

That suggests that something was known about Telemachus, that there was some story about him. It is unlikely, however, that what was known included anything like the journey of Telemachus in Books Three and Four of our Odyssey, as that journey comes to nothing as a separate tale – no achievement, no fighting, just sailing home again – and has a meaning only within the monumental Odysseuspoem. It seems likely, then, that Telemachus’ trip was created for the Odyssey, and that means that the first four books, and Telemachus’ leave-taking from Sparta in Book Fifteen, were all created for the poem by the great poet whose total conception the extended Odyssey represents.

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