Get A Midge in Your Hand Is Worth Two Up Your Kilt: Modern PDF

By Stuart McLean

ISBN-10: 1906051062

ISBN-13: 9781906051068

An irreverent romp via Scottish proverbs - with chapters starting from outdated Scottish Proverbs made over and sleek Scottish Proverbs during the Midge, Scottish Chat-Up traces, and Scottish Insults to Glaswegian Proverbs. to not be taken heavily in anyway!

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A blind man needs nae looking-glass. For goodness sake give some thought to what you buy people for Christmas. Ma tongue isnae unner yer belt. I don’t do blow-jobs. indd 38 21/06/2007 09:25:12 ... Is Worth Two Up Your Kilt Aw things haes an end, an’ a pudden haes twa. Everything comes to an end, apart from the wife’s homemade blackpudding which just seems to last an eternity. He left his silver in his ither pootch. He’s a mean old bastard. As merry’s a mautman. As merry as an Jedburgh Ned in a field of marijuana.

Never throw away a teabag ’til it’s seen twenty-two cups. You cannot make a silk sporran out of a sow’s testicles. indd 56 21/06/2007 09:25:14 ... Is Worth Two Up Your Kilt Man does not live by beer alone – but it will get you through two weeks on the Costa Brava. A woman’s wark will ne’er be dune… for they tarry tae lang at the boozers. Marijuana makes the world go round… and round… and round… People who live in glass houses shouldn’t use the lavie. indd 57 21/06/2007 09:25:14 A Midge in Your Hand...

While reading the ‘Complete Unabridged Poems and Songs of Robert Burns’ one should be able to knock back at least six bottles of whisky and twenty-four cans of McEwan’s ale. indd 30 21/06/2007 09:25:12 ... Is Worth Two Up Your Kilt A fair maid tocherless will get mair wooers than husbands. Any lass that’s not on Supplementary Benefit will only attract scum. Better be blythe wi’ little than sad wi’ naething. When you feel depressed at the size of your manhood just think of poor John Bobbitt. indd 31 21/06/2007 09:25:12 A Midge in Your Hand...

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