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Is today’s Russia in a position to democracy, the unfastened marketplace, and a pluralist ideology? during this new version of A heritage of Russia, Paul Dukes investigates those questions, taking into complete account the extreme adjustments that experience happened because the arrival of first Mikhail Gorbachev after which Boris Yeltsin. considerably extended and rewritten, this new version units those occasions in the context of over 1100 years of Russian heritage. Dukes reports the successive stages in Russian heritage from medieval Kiev and Muscovy to the present post-Soviet Union, with targeted sections on political, fiscal, and cultural elements of every period.
With its breadth of scope and conciseness of presentation, this 3rd variation of A heritage of Russia should be useful to scholars of eu and Russian background, and likewise to scholars of Russian language, literature, and social science.

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Moreover, the list would not have to be restricted to works of religious authorship or emphasis. For example, a prominent place would have to be given to the famous Slovo o Polku lgoreve or Tale of Igor's Campaign, provided, that is, that its authenticity is taken for granted. 3 Concerned with the vicissitudes and failure of the campaign against the Polovtsy undertaken in the late twelfth century by Prince Igor of Novgorod ° 22 MEDIEVAL RUSSIA: KIEV TO MOSCOW Severskii, it is a Russian equivalent to the later Viking sagas, to the French Song of Roland or the German Saga of the Nibelungen.

Ivan I, known as Kalita, or Moneybag, has often been looked upon as the real founder of Moscow's power, although the case for the maintenance of such a view INVASION AND DISUNITY 29 rests not so much upon Ivan's parsimony and skilful land purchase as upon his remunerative subservience to the Tatars. Ivan Kalita succeeded in gaining for himself their approval not only to rule as Grand Prince but also to collect tribute on their behalf from all the principalities. As a further addition to his income, he carried on campaigns in the north to strengthen Moscow's grasp on the fur trade.

17 But the sources are no more helpful INVASION AND DISUNITY 33 on this than those from the Kievan period, and lack of evidence is a general problem for the economic aspects of the later period as a whole. As far as agriculture, which remained the basic activity, is concerned, the characteristic feature of the period is the spread of arable farming in the forested non-black-earth region. The podseka, or slash-and-burn and perelog or long fallow methods were gradually giving way in places to some kind of three-field system.

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