A Door of Hope: Spiritual Conflict in Pastoral Ministry - download pdf or read online

By Robert T. Henderson

ISBN-10: 0585230404

ISBN-13: 9780585230405

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ISBN-13: 9780836190656

Trendy pastors are in problem, with breakdowns, abuse, confusion, and divorces attaining epidemic proportions. Robert T. Henderson keeps that there's a realm of religious forces which attracts congregations towards dying. His resolution is to energise pastors with a biblical figuring out of the church's redemptive participation in Jesus' victory over the cosmic powers. They turn into "a door of hope.".

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Has the fellowship endured betrayal by a former pastor? How has this community been used by pastors to enhance their own careers? What blighted self-image cloaks itself with angry pride? On the other hand, who are the quiet ones in the congregation who walk with God and pray? They are often Page 44 out of sight, silent, and non-assertivejust faithful. Who are the real conductors of God's power into this community? <><><><><><><><><><><><> "I know what you're going to ask. Okay, if no one else is available to conduct God's power, are we the conductors?

Over supper that first night, the years faded as they shared pilgrimages. Ben confessed that he had been swept along by the affirmation and popularity he enjoyed. When he slowed down long enough to reflect on who he was and where he was going, he would ask himself, What has all of this to do with my vision? The vision of the community of the kingdom of God seemed to recede further and further. He felt seduced but unable to change course. In Andy's pilgrimage, the more he read, the more he became excited about the gospel and the church.

Before we can approach these examples of death and life (the Achor and Hope churches), we need to come to terms with the reasons for the attacks. If the motives are only human, that's one thing. " Debbie chimed in. "I've got a problem with the idea that my friends and members who grump, discourage others, and behave in lousy ways are in some way part of the demonic. Hey! Everybody wakes up on the wrong side of the bed some days. " I responded that, yes, suggesting demonic causes Page 45 does seem a bit much.

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