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By Peter Bullen P. S. Bullen

ISBN-10: 0582327482

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The literature on inequalities is vast-in contemporary years the variety of papers in addition to the variety of journals dedicated to the topic have elevated dramatically. At top, finding a specific inequality in the literature could be a bulky job. A Dictionary of Inequalities ends the trouble of the place to show to discover a outcome, a comparable inequality, or the references to the knowledge you wish. It offers a concise, alphabetical directory of every inequality-by its universal identify or its subject-with a brief assertion of the outcome, a few reviews, references to similar inequalities, and an inventory of resources for additional details. the writer makes use of in simple terms the main uncomplicated of mathematical terminology and doesn't supply proofs, hence making an curiosity in inequalities the one prerequisite for utilizing the text.The writer specializes in intuitive, actual kinds of inequalities instead of their so much common types, and keeps the wonder and significance of unique types instead of directory their later, summary kinds. He offers each one in its easiest shape with different renditions, corresponding to for advanced numbers and vectors, as extensions or lower than varied headings. He has stored the e-book to a extra potential dimension through omitting inequalities in areas-such as straight forward geometric and trigonometric inequalities-rarely used outdoor their fields.The outcome is a present, concise, reference that places the basic effects on inequalities inside of effortless succeed in. A Dictionary of Inequalities incorporates the sweetness and charm of the easiest and such a lot profitable dictionaries: on taking a look up a given merchandise, the reader might be intrigued and led via curiosity to others.

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