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He knew that he was poor, and would admit it: he would have died sooner than confess any inferiority to the rich. This may be splendid of him. But he was inferior to most rich people, there is not the least doubt of it. He was not as courteous as the average rich man, nor as intelligent, nor as healthy, nor as lovable. His mind and his body had been alike underfed, because he was poor, and because he was modern they were always craving better food. Had he lived some centuries ago, in the brightly coloured civilizations of the past, he would have had a definite status, his rank and his income would have corresponded.

Korean conqueror: 정복자, 승리자, 전승자, 정복왕 윌리엄 일세, 정복왕 윌리엄 1세. contradict: 모순되다, 부정하다, 반박하다, 반대하다, 부인하다. cowardice: 겁, 비겁, 소심. dispel: 쫓아 버리다, 홑뜨리다, 흩뜨리다, 쫓아버리다. flaming: 과장된, 열렬한, 타는 듯한, 열정에 불타는, 불타는, 현란한, 타오르는, 눈이 이글이글 빛난는, 불을 뿜는, 색채가 타는듯이 빨간, 타는 듯이 붉은. fragrance: 방향, 향기로움. froth: 거품, 시시한것, 거품을 뿜다, 거품을 일으키다, 쓸데없는얘기, 쓸데없는 얘기, 거품을일으키다, 거품을 일게 하다, 거품을 내뿜다, 공허. goblin: 악귀, 도깨비, 장난꾸러기 작은 요정, 심술궂은 작은 요정. heroism: 영웅적 자질, 영웅적 행위, 영웅적자질. interlude: 막간, 사이, 간주곡, 에피소드, 중간, 동안, 막간 극, 막간여흥, 막간의, 사이에 일어난, 중간극간주곡.

I’d rather mistrust people than lose my little Ricketts. ” Their brother, finding the incident commonplace, had stolen upstairs to see whether there were scones for tea. He warmed the teapot—almost too deftly— rejected the Orange Pekoe that the parlour-maid had provided, poured in five spoonfuls of a superior blend, filled up with really boiling water, and now called to the ladies to be quick or they would lose the aroma. “All right, Auntie Tibby,” called Helen, while Margaret, thoughtful again, said: “In a way, I wish we had a real boy in the house—the kind of boy who cares for men.

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