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Through JK Rowling's sequence of Harry Potter books and the 8 motion pictures, now we have been brought to an attractive and magical global that i am convinced many folks wish to stopover at. yet what's the tale in the back of what we see and browse, and what are a few little-known evidence concerning the books, the movies, the actors and the characters? This booklet includes one hundred and one impressive evidence that you probably did not be aware of!

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Emma was nominated for five awards after her performance in The Philosopher’s Stone. Emma starred in The Queen’s Handbag - a mini edition of Harry Potter to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s II 80th birthday. In 2007, Emma - along with co-stars Daniel and Rupert - made imprints of their hands, feet and wands outside Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood. Hermione’s full name is Hermione Jean Granger. K Rowling initially intended for her surname to be Puckle. Hermione’s Parents are both dentists, which makes her muggle-born.

Most of this section has been about things that are in the books but not in the films. But did you notice that in the Knight Bus there is a talking shrunken head - this isn’t in the books at all, and JK Rowling has said she wishes she’d thought of it! Other Characters JK Rowling didn’t actually make up the word ‘Dumbledore’ - it is an early English word for ‘Bumblebee’. Moaning Myrtle is technically a little old to be a schoolgirl - the actress who played her was 37 years old at the time! Pansy Parkinson is based on real-life bullies who tormented Jo Rowling when she was younger.

When he was asked to play Voldemort, Ralph had to admit that he hadn’t actually read any of the books. Ralph has compared Voldemort to a character from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, saying that The Child Catcher was the literary figure he was most scared of when he was young. Ralph said in one interview that during filming (when he was in full costume), he walked past the child of a script supervisor. The child burst into tears. Ralph says this made him feel good about himself...! Ralph also once said that he understands Voldemort’s evilness, saying that being very lonely as a child probably contributed to his character.

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